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Suction kit and headers, two attractive pieces of car aftermarket

Installing a suction kit and headers is a solution to strengthen the engine and reduce its wear and tear, and is one of the first steps in tuning ordinary cars. If over time your car’s performance has been repetitive or you feel that the car engine is not accelerating enough, you should definitely look for a solution to better ventilate the car engine. On the other hand, you should know that complete and rapid evacuation of the car cylinder from the created gases or exhaust fumes also plays an important role in increasing the suction and better breathing of the engine. 

Suction and headers kit

Before installing the suction kit and headers, it is better to get acquainted with both parts.

What is an air intake kit?

Every internal combustion engine, from baby scooter engines to giant ship engines, needs two things to move: oxygen and fuel.

The air intake system in the car plays an important role in how the engine operates, and one of the main parts of propulsion breathing is the passage of airflow;

On the other hand, the air entering the engine must be free of any fine dust;

Because the entry of fine dust into the engine reduces its lifespan.

Use an air filter to prevent dust from entering the car engine.By installing the application with another mechanic, you always know the price of the car and no one can cheat you.

On the other hand, the use of this filter creates an obstacle to the passage of air flow and greatly reduces its intensity.

This condition in the car is similar to masking, which makes breathing slower and harder than normal, and is exactly the same as the condition created by an air filter to allow air to flow through the propulsion system.

To solve this problem, an air suction kit is used to balance the problem of air flow

 An air intake kit is a solution for more air intake from outside, to pass through the filter and enter the fuel system in the car. The lower the inlet air temperature to the propulsion, the denser it will be. The denser the air, the more oxygen it carries with it, causing more combustion to occur as the fuel increases, and eventually more power. In most cars, due to the location of the air intake near the engine, the inlet air temperature rises higher than the environment, and as we have said, this reduces the density of the air, which ultimately results in a less satisfactory power of this process.  

Due to their location in the open air flow path and also the space farther from the car engine, in addition to increasing the volume of incoming air, the air suction kits send cooler air to the car’s propulsion system than before. In fact, contrary to popular belief, these kits do not cool down on their own; Rather, due to the location conditions, they bring better quality air and lower temperatures for the car. The tubes used to make these kits are usually thick and soft to prevent air pressure from flowing.


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